Navigating Funding Hurdles and Achieving Sustainable Growth

Veterans bring unique skills, discipline and leadership to the business world.   


Tracy Fuga 



When it comes to funding and growing their businesses, veterans often face significant challenges. Traditional bank loans and venture capital firms may not be the most suitable or available option for veteran business owners, and many veteran entrepreneurs end up getting in an endless cycle of merchant cash advances.


  1. Limited Access to Capital: One of the primary challenges veterans encounter when starting or expanding their businesses is limited access to capital. Traditional banks and lending institutions often require extensive collateral or an established credit history, which may be a hindrance for veterans who have recently transitioned from military service. As a result, securing sufficient funds to fuel business growth can be an uphill battle.
  2. Lack of Entrepreneurial Experience: While veterans possess a wide array of skills and experiences, many may lack direct entrepreneurial experience. Running a successful business requires a unique set of skills, including financial management, marketing, and strategic planning. The learning curve associated with entrepreneurship can be steep, and veteran business owners may face difficulties in navigating this new landscape.
  3. Higher Risk Perception: Some lenders perceive veteran-owned businesses as riskier investments due to the unique challenges faced by this demographic. This perception can make it challenging for veterans to secure funding on favorable terms. Despite their skills and determination, veteran entrepreneurs may encounter skepticism from traditional lenders, resulting in limited funding options.
  4. Inadequate Credit History: Veterans transitioning from military service often have limited credit history. This lack of credit can make it difficult to obtain loans or credit lines from banks, as creditworthiness is a crucial factor in the lending process. Without an established credit history, veteran business owners may struggle to secure the funding needed to grow their enterprises.

A Viable Alternative

Founders First Capital Partners understands the unique challenges faced by veteran business owners and provides a compelling alternative to traditional bank loans and merchant cash advances. They offer revenue-based financing and term loans designed to meet the specific needs of veteran entrepreneurs.


Revenue-Based Financing:

Founders First Capital Partners provides revenue-based financing, which allows veteran business owners to access capital based on their company’s revenue history. Rather than relying solely on credit history or collateral, this innovative funding approach evaluates the business’s ability to generate revenue, making it more accessible to veterans with limited credit history.


Term Loans:

Founders First Capital Partners offers flexible term loan options and business advisory services tailored to the needs of veteran-owned businesses. These loans provide capital for growth initiatives such as hiring additional staff, expanding operations, or investing in marketing efforts. The repayment terms are structured to align with the business’s revenue stream, ensuring that veteran entrepreneurs can manage their cash flow effectively.


Veteran business owners face unique challenges when it comes to funding and growing their enterprises. Traditional bank loans and merchant cash advances may not always be the best fit for their needs. Founders First Capital Partners offers revenue-based financing and term loans specifically designed to address the obstacles faced by veterans, providing them with the necessary capital to propel their businesses forward. By recognizing the value veterans bring to the entrepreneurial landscape and offering tailored financial solutions, Founders First Capital Partners is empowering veteran entrepreneurs to succeed and thrive in the business world.

If you’re interested in learning more about non-dilutive debt financing specifically designed for veterans, email us at


Tracy Fuga works in Business Development and Marketing for Founders First Capital Partners where she oversees efforts to connect diverse founders with capital to grow and scale their businesses.

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