The Growth Partner of Choice for Diverse Led Businesses

Founders First Capital Partners was formed to support businesses led by women, people of color, LGBTQ+, military veterans, as well as inclusive teams and businesses located in low to moderate income areas. We provide revenue-based funding and business acceleration advisory support to small businesses.

Revenue-Based Financing is more flexible than traditional bank debt with no equity dilution. It is similar to a Term loan format, but instead of a fixed payment every month, we take a percentage of revenue. The allows for a smaller payment during slower revenue months, and larger payments in stronger months. For clients who would rather have a set payment every month, there are Term loans available. 

Lending Criteria

Business Characteristics

Ownership Requirements

Initial Underwriting Needs

Last 24 months of monthly financial statements (balance sheet, P/L, cash flow), in Excel

Last 12 months of revenue broken down by customer, in Excel

Debt schedule of outstanding debt, if applicable

For companies that do not immediately meet Founders First Capital Partners lending criteria, business accelerator programs are available to provide the tools, partners and guidance needed to help our members grow.

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