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Disclaimer: This Non-Binding Revenue Financing Loan Term Sheet (“Term Sheet”) sets forth the terms upon which Founders First Capital Partners, Inc. (“Lender”) agrees to proceed with discussions and due diligence regarding a proposed investment in Borrower by revenue loan and expansion services. Lender and Borrower acknowledge that they must complete due diligence and negotiations on the points set forth in this Term Sheet and enter into a definitive agreement regarding the subject matter of this Term Sheet. In addition, the parties must seek final approval for this transaction from its investment committee and/or board of directors. This Term Sheet conveys indicative terms for financing, given the information Founder’s First Capital Partners, Inc. (“FFCP” or “Lender”) has at this time. The final terms and closing is contingent upon the results of Lender's due diligence, to Lender's sole satisfaction, and the execution by the parties of a definitive Loan and Security Agreement and related Transaction Documents on Lender's forms. This Quote shall not bind either party, and shall not constitute a binding commitment by Lender to loan money.

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