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Funding Survey

Purpose: To gauge the awareness, readiness and requirements for funding growth and expansion of WPO members. The deadline to complete the survey is October 24, 2022.

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Business Information

Business Model Type (Check all that Apply)*

Business Funding Status

What types of start-up capital funding sources did you use to launch your business? (Check all that apply)*
What type of growth capital funding sources are you using to grow your business? (Check all that apply)*
What are your planned uses for funding your growth plans in the next 12 to 24 months? (Check all that apply.)*
Are you currently speaking with a funding representative about your growth capital funding needs?
Have you obtained funding in the last 12 months to achieve business growth goals?*

Business Funding Awareness and Knowledge

How would you rate your overall knowledge of funding options to grow your business?
What is your level of interest in attending educational programming regarding options to fund business growth?
How is financial management handled within your organization?
Are you interested in investing in women-led businesses?*
What is your interest level to attend educational programs about investing in women-led businesses?*

Additional Survey Opportunities

Would you be willing to participate in a more comprehensive survey to learn more about your awareness, readiness and ability to acquire access to funding options to grow your business?*
Would you be interested in learning about the overall results of this WPO funding awareness, readiness, and acquisition survey?*
How would you prefer to learn about these results?*
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