Quality Interactions Case Study

How Quality Interactions used revenue-based financing (RBF) to drive greater growth and market expansion

Quality Interactions is a Massachusetts-based, certified Minority Business Enterprise that has led the industry in cultural competency training to improve patient experience and reduce health disparities for healthcare providers for over a decade.

The company’s cultural agility training equips healthcare professionals to adapt their approaches to meet the needs of diverse patient populations, all with the aim of improving health outcomes and patient experience satisfaction while reducing health risks.

With over 250,000 alumni at the country’s largest hospitals, health plans, and medical schools, clients include Mayo Clinic, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and York-Presbyterian.

Pioneers in Healthcare Cultural Competency

Widely recognized for their pioneering research in the field of cultural competency in healthcare, Quality Interactions co-founders Dr. Joseph Betancourt, Dr. Alexander Green, and Dr. Emilio Carrillo continue to be thought leaders on national medical protocols and practices focused on improving patient care of vulnerable populations.

This group includes the elderly, people who do not speak English as a first language, and people who are not familiar with navigating our complex Healthcare System.

Quality Interactions’ subject-matter experts and co-founders are affiliated with some of the nation’s most innovative and prestigious medical schools. Affiliates Health Care Systems, Mass General Hospital, and New York Presbyterian collectively have produced over 200 peer-reviewed whitepapers. 

Michelle has been the CEO of Quality Interactions since 2014 and brings deep expertise in strategic management, finance and operations, and marketing. In addition, she has spent over 25 years working at Fortune 100 companies and leading nonprofit organizations. 

Solution: Revenue-Based Funding with Founders First

Michelle Courton Brown
CEO, Quality Interactions
Spring 2018 Bootcamp Member

“Capital raising for women CEOs and people of color is a real struggle. There is a low rate of success for both populations.

“I really feel I’ve been fortunate to be able to raise capital in the high six figures. Finding the right investors I determined was really key. I’m proud to say that Founders First was one of those first key investors.

Working with Founders First and receiving its revenue-based financing (RBF) re-focused Quality Interaction’s attention to growing their top line.

As a result, Michelle and her team zeroed in on the practices that were being put in place company-wide, including experiments to grow their business, marketing plans, and evaluating what was working and not working at a granular level.

“Having a partner that not only invests cash in us, but also takes time to support our strategic growth is a real asset. It’s one of the things that I really treasure about the relationship that I have with Founders First. It goes well beyond all financial cash transactions.” 

Before Founders First

Long sales cycle (12-24 months). Single vertical focused

Transactional lumpy sales. Challenges with interim cash flows

Small founding team


The numbers don’t lie, says Michelle.

Since Founders First invested, Quality Interactions has grown their top line by 300% in one year.

Despite the COVID-19 challenge, 2021 is on track to be another stellar year for the company because they were able to put into practice the approaches they learned through the Founders Bootcamp accelerator program.

Since their investment by Founders First and another social-impact fund, Quality Interactions has experienced the following growth:

300% topline growth in one year

Revenue grew 3x within 24 months. Revenue pipeline $5 million

3 new revenue streams, 1 recurring revenue stream, and overall quicker sales cycles

3 verticals, 4 new strategic partners, and 2 new product solutions

Doubling the size of its team since 2018

Looking towards the future

Quality Interactions growth plan includes other healthcare organizations, like urgent care facilities and pharmaceutical companies that share the same pain points as their current customers and can use their training to advance their objectives.

Quality Interactions’ training meets state-mandated training requirements, often mandated by state legislation.

The company is also generating interest in other markets, including law enforcement and the training of government workers for things like implicit bias.

These new markets will drive its growth for the future.

How they’re doing now.

Check-in with Quality Interactions by visiting their website.