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Based in San Diego, CA, we are a not-for profit, 501C3, community development organization and small business accelerator focused on addressing the huge disparity in revenue and job growth by small businesses led by underrepresented founders. We offer programs to guide established small business founders through leading, funding and growing sustainable, profitable and scalable small businesses.

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Our Mission

LIFT Development Enterprise has a mission to help underserved, under represented small business owners overcome challenges faced by lack of access to capital and relevant resources to increase business capacity and expand job base.

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Who We ARE and What We Do

We are successful entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs achieve success. We are an accelerator with direct funding sources. Our programs guide founders through the process of achieving accelerated growth through curriculum, hands-on assignments and expert coaching. Finally we conclude with competitive pitch presentations to allow the business owner to advance to higher level of support and resources.

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Our programs focus on assisting under served and under represented established small businesses generating at least six figures in revenues.

We have a special focus on those businesses led by women, ethnic minorities, military veterans and those located in low to moderate income areas.

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We offer two programs to guide establish businesses on the path to achieve funding and exponential growth:

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LIFT Development Enterprises, Inc.
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