Founders Business Growth BootcampTM

Participants in the Founders Business Growth BootcampTM will gain:


Learn from the Bootcamp’s serial entrepreneurs and subject matter experts led by Kim Folsom who have 25+ years experience successfully growing and funding small businesses.

Specific strategies and tools for business growth:

  • Business health assessment and funding readiness;
  • How to add or grow recurring revenue models that fits your business;
  • Assessment to funding options to support your expansion;
  • A Business Growth Plan Playbook.


  • 1-on-1 Tutorial Support to Build A Custom Growth & Funding Plan.
  • Access Online Community of Resources and Experts, Post Program

Complimentary copies of two books:

  • Thinking Big Is Not Enough, Author Michael Walsh - Chief Growth Officer to Small Business Growth Advisor, Founders First Capital Partners, LLC
  • Million Dollar Conversations, Co-Author Kim Folsom - Chief Executive Officer, LIFT Development Enterprises, Inc. and Founders First Capital Partners, LLC


First ten (10) sessions, 1-on-1 coaching and groups sessions will take place via online interactive classroom.

Orientation August 29, 2018 at 8:30am to 9:30am PT

Sessions are weekly starting September 12, 2018, from 8:30am to 10:30am PT.

Bootcamp Completion Event will take place at: The Sanford Center of Philanthropy, at National University (11355 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037) December 13, 2018 from 4:30pm to 8:30pm PT**.

**Reception will be held immediately after the event. Refreshments will be provided.


This bootcamp is designed to provide business owners with the skills, tools, and perspectives needed to achieve largescale growth in their business. This bootcamp will also prepare participants to apply to potential funding sources to support the growth of their business


This program is for entrepreneurs with established businesses, earning $250K—$1M in annual revenue, who want to achieve rapid growth.


This program runs for 60 days with weekly group sessions through interactive webinars, combined with 1-on-1 and group tutorial support.
lf you‘re serious about growing your business - BIG TIME - this may be for you.


This program's tuition covers the company CEO and up to two key team members.
lf you have a USA based business with at least $250,000 of annual revenues, and qualify in one of the below categories, you may be eligible for a scholarship up to $1,600 US. 3 and 6-month payment plans are available.
Special considerations for:

  • Woman-owned business,
  • Ethnic minorities,
  • Veterans,
  • Membership in participating business organization and
  • Located in a low to moderate income (LMI) area.


Upon successful completion of this Bootcamp, those businesses who meet our criteria will be given the opportunity to apply for funding consideration directly from Founders First Capital Partners, LLC.
For more information and the specific criteria, please email us at or call us at (855) 603-8634.


Module 1: Introduction and Overview

After reviewing the overall program (including how it will work, and ground rules), we start by debunking some of the common myths about business growth. We explore how to tap into the power of recurring revenue opportunities within the business. We review strategies for exiting your business.

Module 2: Money Part 1 = Company Financials, Metrics

Understanding the essential elements of the financial picture is essential to profitable growth. We break down the core elements of financial statements, and their implications on growth. Further, we help participants to identify the metrics needed to monitor progress.

Module 3: How To Own a Niche Market

We guide you through strategies and activities for evaluating the market, industry, your strengths and opportunities to gain niche market adoption for growing your business.

Module 4: Building Recurring Revenues

The more predictable the revenues in a business, the more stable the growth. Learn some of the most effective methods for a business to generate consistent repeat revenues.

Module 5: Sales and Marketing – Selling BIG

Understanding how to attract and sell to mid-market and large organizations. How to leverage the success you’ve had with existing customers to establish sales distribution partnerships. We will share tools, techniques and processes needed to implement and manage both these proven customer acquisition strategies.

Module 6: Operations

In order to grow, business owners need to determine how to best scale their ability to produce and deliver their products and services. We clarify the core elements of expansion, and identify the various components that will need to be addressed in order to grow profitably. We introduce a methodology for process improvement, innovation and technology enablement to support implementation of a recurring revenue model.

Module 7: People Part 1 – Hiring Talent

Getting the right people on the team is half the challenge. Nobody plans on hiring wrong. Yet, mis-hires are one of the chief culprits in scuttling plans for growth. We provide a systematic process to recruit and select the top talent for each role within a company.

Module 8: Growing the Effectiveness of Current Staff

The performance of staff is critical to success. We identify how to use the criteria in the hiring process to determine an effective way to measure and manage staff performance. In addition, the development of a corporate culture based in a company’s vision and values, ensures sustainability of results.

Module 9: Money Part 2 = CashFlows & Funding Growth

Let’s face it, growth eats cash. Profit is essential, but cash is king. Getting on top of cash flow is critical to success in growth. We explore different funding alternatives and the pros and cons of each. Participants clarify how to use invested funds to support the implementation and growth of a recurring revenue model to maximize leverage and impact, while mitigating risk. We review critical information needed to be prepared for meetings with funders.

Module 10: 10 Yr Growth Playbook/ Putting It All Together

We lay out a process to integrate the learning of all 9 modules order Modules to present, build and implement your 10 year growth play book where a key component of your growth is leveraging a recurring revenue model.

$7500 Pitch & Graduation Day – Meeting with Funders

Upon completion of this bootcamp, participants will be given the opportunity to present themselves and their businesses live to traditional and non-traditional lenders and investors.

Included will be: traditional debt lenders, alternative debt financiers, angel investors, and crowd-funding investment platform sources.

This is an opportunity to meet prospective funders and learn first-hand each participant’s readiness for different levels of funding. $7500 in cash prizes will be awarded.