Case Study: Veterans Security Operations

Veteran-owned security firm in Washington has goals to expand operations nationally through steady growth.

Christian Tomlinson
COO, Veterans Security Operations

“It was imperative to seek funding so we were able to better equip our veteran workforce with the tools needed to be successful and update our fleet of vehicles so those on patrol are fulling protected.”


Veterans Security Operations was growing organically and had not taken on any debt, but they needed an infusion of capital to make some changes. The firm realized their armed and unarmed security personnel needed additional protection and training to meet the demands of the job. As well, growth capital was desired to meet company goals of expanding nationally and offering competitive pay to ensure retention.


Founders First Capital Partners invested $550,000 in Veterans Security Operations through a term loan in December 2022, giving them the capital needed to update their fleet of security vehicles, using retired police cars, and boost morale through additional security training.


Since Founders First invested, Veterans Security Operations has been able to phase in more secure vehicles and held training. Despite the COVID-19 challenges many businesses faced, the company flourished and capitalized on market need with plans to grow 25-30% in 2023:

Offering competitive pay

Held security training

Updated fleet utilizing retired police vehicles


Term loans are a good fit if your security business if it meets the following:

  • Profitable, break-even or on the clear path to profitability
  • Recurring or predictable revenues or repeatable customer contracts
  • Seeking $50,000 to $2 million in growth capital
Interested in pursuing revenue-based financing or term loans for your diverse-led company?


Veterans Security Operations (VSO) is a local, high end, security company in the Puget Sound and surrounding areas of Washington state. The company was founded in 2019 with a vision to raise the standard of security services across the United States by utilizing the country’s finest professionals: Veterans. VSO provide endless opportunities for the Veteran community to continue their service to the country. VSO is not your typical security company that large box companies offer. VSO is actively involved in local food banks, homelessness, battered women’s shelters, city commerce, and many more. VSO makes it their mission to help grow the community and be immersed however possible. 

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