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The right capital comes with flexibility, affordability and personalized support to take your business to the next level. Discover why Revenue-Based Financing is the right capital for you.

We are a national lender serving Asian, BIPOC, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, veteran and women owned businesses, as well as businesses in LMI zones and those committed to diverse hiring practices. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs accelerate business growth through our Revenue-Based Financing products and Advisory Services. Together, we can create more jobs, increase your revenues and bottom line, and provide more growth capital to help your business. We’re backed by the nation’s top philanthropic organizations, so that we can fund you with the right capital.

Revenue-Based Financing

  • Ideal for repeat revenue companies
  • Non-dilutive, you keep control
  • Personal credit score isn’t a barrier
  • 15% average interest rate
Learn How Revenue-Based Financing Works

Grow Your Business With the Right Capital and the Right Team!

Advisory Services 

  • Be mentored by experienced founders and entrepreneurs who have scaled businesses like yours
  • Tap into growth markets
  • Find allies who can help you grow
  • Be part of an exclusive group of entrepreneurs

Get the money you need!

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Founders First understands the challenges and needs of a diverse, women-owned business.

Revenue-Based Financing is more flexible than traditional bank debt with no equity dilution. Similar to a term loan format, we take a percentage of revenue every month, instead of a fixed payment.

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Investing In Your Success

As diverse entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes and you can leverage that experience to help you succeed. We don’t just give you the money. We provide ongoing funding, support and services to help you to grow.


We focus on funding and growing service-based companies generating $500,000 to $10 million in annual revenues. Over 80% of our investments are to company’s led by diverse founders including people of color, women, LGBTQ+ and military veterans.

Real business leaders.
Real success stories.

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